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Dental Cleaning and Periodontal Therapy

After collecting information from dental x-rays, full mouth probing (measuring the depth of the pockets around the teeth by using a dental probe) and examining condition of the gum, Dr. Doan will diagnose the status of your gum health.

 For patients with healthy gum, no signs of infection and bone loss, we recommend that you visit our office at least every six months for a dental cleaning to maintain your teeth and gums at their best conditions.

 When infections and bone loss are present, we are performing a non-surgical periodontal treatment (deep cleaning) or scaling and root planning (SRP). The treatment involves removing the bacterial substance known as plaque, which is the principal case of periodontal disease and calculus, which is an accumulation of hard deposits on the tooth above or below the gum. Treatment also involves smoothing and contouring the root surface so the gum can reattach to the root surface.  A topical or local anesthetic may be administered depending of the sensitivity of the area to be treated. After RSP, we recommend patient to return every 3 or 4 months for a periodontal maintenance cleaning. It’s very important to have good home care in order to maintain the healthy gum.